Bringing the gasha experience to you

Who hasn`t seen them? Every person that ever visited Japan has seen them on the streets or in front of a electronical store. The Gacha or Gasha machines with their unique content of your favorite show or game.

Visiting Japan many times now we were inspired and wanted to bring this experience to Europe, hence Gasha King was born. We currently have 44 gasha machines in play which we bring to various conventions each year. Can`t wait to get your win? You also have the Opportunity to buy them online!

Below a few conventions we attend.


Biggest anime and Japan expo in Germany.

Heroes Made in Asia

Asian Pop Culture event in the Netherlands.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con

Biggest Comic Con in the Netherlands

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A selection of our current stock

Below you find a selection of Gashapon we currently have in stock and will bring to the next event

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New Releases December 2023
New Releases December 2023
New releases We have a few new gashapon sets incoming in december! Here is a sneak